• Making lives better

  • We believe that every child deserves to grow
    up in a safe, stable and supportive home.

    • Who we are

      Birmingham City Council Adoption and Fostering Service is the leading agency for adoption and fostering in Birmingham, responsible for all of Birmingham's looked after children.

    • What we do

      We are of team of dedicated staff who recruit, assess, train, approve and support suitable temporary and long-term foster carers and adoptive parents for children.

    • Our children

      The children in our care are from different backgrounds and of different ages. Every child is different, but they are all united by the need for a stable home and a family.

  • If you are interested in becoming an adopter or foster carer:

    If you need help about birth records, contact or letterbox arrangements, step-parent adoptions, advice and support, tracing your relatives, or anything else:


    Find out more aboutAdoption

    We are the first port of call for all adoption related matters in and around Birmingham. If you are considering adoption, want to know more about the adoption process, or want to find out more about our team please select the link below.

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    Find out more aboutFostering

    At any one time, Birmingham City Council is responsible for more than 2000 'looked after' children. To find out more about types of fostering, the fostering process and all relevant details, please select the link below.

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    The children come first

    At any one time Birmingham City Council is responsible for thousands of 'looked after' children from a range of different backgrounds. The children have had a tough start to life and may have different types of difficulties and challenges to adjust to. Some children may have been neglected, or abused, or lost their families. Some may have disabilities or learning difficulties. Every child has particular needs that we have to consider and address. It takes significant time and consideration for us to find the right home for each child. Therefore adoption and fostering takes time and patience. Adopting or fostering isn’t easy, it’s life-changing, but for those who do it, it’s truly rewarding.

    "The adoption and fostering process is a huge undertaking for the children, just as much as it is for adults."
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  • Its truly rewarding

  • Commonly asked questions

    • How many children did Birmingham match for adoption in 2013?

      In 2013, we matched 101 children. There are 170 children waiting in January 2014, so you can see we still have a great need for more adopters. Children move to adopters as fast as we have suitable families available.

    • Can single people or couples in a same sex relationship adopt?

      Yes. Single people, couples in same sex relationships, married and unmarried couples, and couples in civil partnerships can all adopt.

    • Can I apply to adopt while I’m having fertility treatment?

      You can begin the process but it may be better for you to pause, as both the adoption assessment and fertility treatment are demanding experiences. When a child is placed and settling in, it is common sense to 'take precautions', for your own sake, and for the sake of your new child.